Hydroelectric Power Plants, abandoned

So, two of the local state parks here have hydroelectric plants on site that were once used to manufacture energy; one to supply power to the local town, one to supply energy to… Continue reading

Recreation, Abandoned

Stumbled across this gem whilst driving through central Georgia.  Looks like it used to be quite the hot spot; regular pool, kiddie pool, concession stand (complete with 48″ oven hood), tables & chairs…

Stink Creek!

There’s this local creek near my neighborhood that has the nickname, “Stink Creek”.  When I was younger (yes, I moved back INTO the neighborhood that I grew up in, even after spending several… Continue reading

Easter in Georgia

So, last weekend was Easter.  We had warm, but slightly damp, weather here.  It worked out okay, though because the amount of pine POLLEN blowing around in the air is disturbing.  I mean,… Continue reading

Repair Station in Disrepair

So, I’ve driven by this little old abandoned building several times now and I finally had the chance to stop.  Turns out it’s an old repair/gas station.  I will say, though, it looks… Continue reading

White Sulfur Springs

So, en route (the way I go) to Callaway Gardens, I drive by this strange little series of building that look like a decrepit hospital, a few other outbuildings, and two weird cement… Continue reading

House for Sale!

So, there’s this great, huge, old house for sale in my town right now… been empty for years and years and years.  It looks to have been built in the early first half… Continue reading


Just two pictures. First, our moon.  I never knew how hard it was to get a really good shot of the moon.  This is with my 70 – 300mm lens, at 300.  Apparently… Continue reading

Starr’s Mill

So, I kept seeing pictures of this gorgeous mill in central GA, but I never had any idea where it was.  For some reason, I assumed it was WAAAAAY up North, or out… Continue reading