Southern Living

Last Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful, heavy, delicious fog that had settled all over our area and wrapped everything in a wonderful hazy blanket.  I unceremoniously threw my kids in the car with the promise that they could watch a DVD (we don’t have a TV so this is a rare treat) and proceeded to drive around for 2 hours taking pictures. 

My results were, in my opinion, an interesting depiction of the South and one of the reasons I love living in the beauty that is central GA.  Foggy days like this are rare (sorry, N.W. folks!), and later I learned that about 10 other local fellow photographers were out at the same time.  I’m surprised we weren’t all tripping over each other!

Weather beaten shack

Pecan trees in the early morning fog


Railroad crossing sign

Railroad into the fog

An uninterested cow