A Family in the Park

This funny family had never done a family shoot before and the one and only family pic they have is about 6 years old, when they’re youngest (now nearing 7) was a baby and as the Mom put it, “I was fat and he (her husband) was skinny”.   

That photo was taken indoors, on a white sheet, with them all sitting on the floor. 

As such, I was thrilled when she agreed to an outdoor, day-in-the-park session.  Doing the shoot was a lot of fun & they were game for anything (which is always a huge plus).  Trust your photographers, folks, most of us really are trying to present you in your best light, even when we suggest you lay on the still-damp ground.  As I was taking the pictures, every single one was coming out great.  The lighting was wonderful (cloudy blue sky), the children were little hams, and the parents are obviously in love with each other and their life. 

Here’s a sample of what we ended up with!  Mom likes the “vintage” look, so I sent her some brightened up photos and then a version that had been retouch to lighten and de-saturate them a bit.