Adventures in Springtime Parenting

Cute, isn’t she?

Not so much, when it’s 9PM and she’s flying around the room of your 3 year old son (who’s thoroughly fascinated, much to your chagrin).

This isn’t so much a photo post as a funny story I wanted to share. Last night as I was putting my son to bed *finally*, we heard a little buzzing noise and he wanted to know what it was. After some searching, I realized it was a yellow jacket (big mo’ fo’ of a Southern wasp) that had invaded his room and was getting pretty irritated trying to find her way out.

Photo by Flagstaffotos

As I was trying not to panic (this single mom thing stinks when it comes to slaying the bugga buggas), she decided to land on the light pull for the ceiling fan. So, warrior that I am, I arm myself with a kitchen towel (for swatting), a glass (for capturing) and a card (for keeping offending wasp within aforementioned glass until release out-of-doors). Despite my protests, my son insisted on being right next to me for this ordeal.

So, bound and determined to knock this thing senseless, I wind up and swing the towel at the pull with all my might. What didn’t happen was the knock out, easy catch and outdoor release I had envisioned.

What did happen was the towel catching the pull and turning the light off.

After a few seconds and some choice words, I drop the towel (hoping the yellow jacket is not on it) and muster up the courage to grab the pull and turn the light on (now hoping the yellow jacket is, in fact, on the towel). No wasp in sight. Anywhere. After a few minutes of playing seek-a-wasp with my son, I start to wonder if I actually hit it so hard it disintegrated. 🙂

We looked in his drawers, on his dresser, I shook out his bed linens. We looked under his bed, in his closet, and even out into the hall (even though his doors were shut). Finally, I told him, to his great disappointment, that we must have killed it and it was time for bed. We rocked, sang songs, and got all tucked in.

Then, just as I was leaving to go get some work done, I glanced down at the floor in the very corner of his room by his door and there she was…  staggering to her feet & looking ticked off. I grabbed the glass, grabbed the card, got her in it, let my son take a good gander, and then took the glass outside and let her go (at least, she wasn’t in the hastily abandoned cup this morning when I left for work).

Wasp Warrior. Right here. Thank you very much.

***The beautiful “face” shot on my home page was taken by Thomas Shahan.