Classic Newborn Shoot

So I did a baby shoot last week that I really wanted to be “monotone”; either black & white, sepia, etc., just something timeless and classic.  I finally settled on what I call Mochaccino.  My friend, Jennifer, was more than up for it; she was wonderful!  Her first son, incredibly adorable Ethan, let me get this one shot of the two of them before he vanished!

Colton & big brother Ethan

Baby Colton was 8 days old at the time and, quite literally, the most active 8 day old I’ve ever met.  He was holding his head up, trying to turn over, and already pushing himself off things with his legs.  So strong!  I love the look of surprise on his face in the next picture.

Holding his head up!

Sweet baby

He made some great faces, too, and I tried to capture a few of them!  He was giving me a workout, though; he never stopped moving and never once even thought about drifting off to dream land!  But, even wide awake & being moved about, he was completely cool; I think he’s going to be very laid back, just like his mama!

Can't you just see the wheels turning?

Love this chubby little smiley face!

I tried to get a few shots with Mama (or at least her random body parts) in them!  These next few shots are her holding him.  His face in the first one just looks like he’s thinking, “oh, Lord, someone make that woman with the camera go away!”.

Great... she's still here...

In Mama's hands

And, finally, one in colour for those of you who may be bored… or who just love pink babies!  For the record, I took this same shot of the last newborn I photographed (who weighed a mere 5 lbs. at the shoot).  Colton here was 8.5 lbs.  Click here to see the difference in size on this “teddy bear skin” rug!

Big boy!