For those who love color…

So, this isn’t really a photography post, but I think most photographers/designers will appreciate it, anyway.  I know I sure love this thing & I’ve been at it like a crack addict for the last few days.

Chip It!

So, what does it do??  Well, let’s say you have a photograph whose color pallette you simply love and you’d like nothing more than to be able to get some in paint form to “do a room”.

Chip It!

Or, say you want to find a paint color that matches certain fabrics in a room/online/across the world. 

Chip It!

Okay, enough about all that… here’s a nifty example.  If you pull in my Tulip Tree flower:

Close up of the flower of a tulip tree.

Sherman Williams will then go in and match the colours in the photograph with their own paint colors.  Some times it will leave out one or two colours (make sure you check in the “More Colors” tab, though, but most of the time it works  REALLY well.   Here are the results for the photograph above:

 Please note that these colors are not exactly what they look like on the SW site… that Rookwood, for example, is actually a really dark  (REALLY dark) red.  The Downing Stone is more taupe-y that green.  Still, though, super cool, right?!?!