Bumblebees & Bark

So, last week, I was sitting in the front yard with my children when I looked down and saw this dead bumblebee clinging to a blade of grass.  What a great opportunity to get some really close-up shots of a bee, right!?  So, I instruct my kids to NOT touch it, run in & grab my camera, and set about photographing this fuzzy insect. 

After getting a few shots, I decide to try to move him so he’s positioned more OVER the grass instead of sort of clinging to the side of it.  As such, I use a small twig to gently lift his bum up a bit. 

Turns out he’s not dead.

Resting, maybe, or knocked out cold by something, but most definitely not dead.  He fluttered his wings a bit and then settled in on top of the grass.  Maybe he’s a vain little guy who really likes having his portrait made.  Regardless, he didn’t try to get me and I didn’t touch him again!  Even with my 5 year old shrieking in the background to get away, that he was going to sting me, I still got off a few more shots from behind.  He flew away a few minutes later.


And then there’s this really cool bark on one of the trees in my yard.