Egads! A QR code of my very own!

So, we’ve all seen these things around; they’re becoming increasingly prevalent in our society (here in the U.S., anyway, I can’t attest to anywhere else!).  I never really looked into it because I just assumed it was a big deal, expensive, marketing company driven thing.  Wrong.

My own QR code!

Check out my snazzy new QR code, the scanning of which will take you directly to my “business” web page.  Brace yourself!

After reading this article at the Digital Photography School’s website, I was inspired to get out there and create one of my own.  Actually, I created four, because the site they recommend to get the QR codes, QRStuff, can create codes specific to webpage, Facebook, twitter, etc., etc., etc…  Different “links” could come in handy for different situations!  I posed my “Facebook Like” QR code on my personal FB page, I’m going

to put my business code on the title cards for the show I’m going to be in next month, and there’s even an email code in case someone simply MUST contact me immediately!

Anyway, I have no idea how truly useful this will be, but it sure is fun to try out!