A blog award? Yes, please!

So, I logged on this morning to see that I’d been nominated for a “Very Inspiring Blogger” award from fellow blogger, Samantha!  What a wonderful surprise!  Thank you so much for noticing my little corner of the world!!

By way of “accepting” the award, I have to fulfill a few requirements as listed below!  🙂

After thanking your nominator, you need to share 7 things about yourself…  Yikes!!

1) I’m an aspiring runner; I’m up to 3-4 miles at a whack and I’m good with that.  Honestly, I get bored after much longer!

2) I’ve read the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes stories and all the Agatha Christie books.

3) I hope to one day make a living at photography

4) My other passion (besides my children (obviously) and photography), is chemistry and I still marvel at oil & water mixing to create lotion

5) We’re totally “mama made & natural” in our house, from our deodorant to our shampoo to our toothpaste to our laundry detergent.

6) I use to be a Senior Sales Analyst for a major medical device company

7) I’m a classic movie buff, particularly cheesy musicals!

Finally, I need nominate 15 other bloggers that you admire or inspire me!  Not hard to do since there are SO many photographers, mothers, soap makers, and people in general out there that I’m in awe of.  Please, check these folks out, they’re wonderful!

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