In the oddest places…

So, I was attending a wedding/lighting photography workshop a few weekends ago and noticed these great abandoned buildings across the street from where we were.  The walls had such great colour and texture that I knew I HAD to get some portrait shots in front of them.  So, I threw up a request for “models” on my Facebook page asking for someone to volunteer to be shot.  One mother volunteered her two tween girls, and then I had to tell her WHERE we were meeting.

Now, you guys, this is NOT the best part of my town.  But, Mom was game & it WAS in broad daylight!  Check out the great grey and grunge of that wall.  I also love that you can get a sense for the two girls personalities just by their shoes!

This shot was specifically requested by the eldest daughter, in black & white no less!

There was also this little office building there that has these two incredible doors.  Here’s just one of the shots we took there.

Then we have these shots… look at that beautiful, rusted corrugated metal background! Tell me this wouldn’t be great for a senior boy shoot, too…

Just goes to show that you should ALWAYS keep your eyes open for new textures and colours – even in the oddest and random places.  And even in places that you drive by every day.  Open your eyes and take a new look, folks, you may be surprised by what you see!