I’m in! I’m in! My first juried show…

So, every September (for the last 10 years) the tiny town of Concord, GA, has held a rather prestigious juried photography exhibit in one of the beautiful old building on it’s main (and only) drag.  That main drag being 2 buildings and no stop lights in sight, hasn’t stopped photographers and curators the likes of Elizabeth Avadon, John Bennette, Julian Cox, Brett Abbott, Elisabeth Biondi, Peter Essick, Jack Spencer, etc., from being active participants and jurors.  This year’s 10th year anniversary show is being juried & judged by Brett Abbot (Curator of Photography for the High Museum of Art, Atlanta), and Julian Cox (Chief Curator of Photography for the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco).

So, I submitted my 6 pictures.

And sat back to wait.

For 6 long weeks.

But, guess what?  I got in!  One of my photographs was selected!  Out of nearly 1000 photographs entered, 90 were chosen and mine was one.  I’m pretty stoked, all told.

Distraction (c) 2012 Catherine Jarret

So, last week I had my print made and, for the record, 16 x 24 is HUGE with a 3″ mat and frame on it.  I dropped it off this weekend when I was down there hanging the satellite show, Portraits of Pike (Pike County being the home of Concord), which I’m the co-chair for (yikes!).  I can’t wait to see my photograph hung among all the others that got in!  If you’re with a few hour drive of central GA, you should definitely come check it out!