A day with the dead… Shooting at Historic Oakland Cemetery (part one)

I was lucky to spend the day yesterday shooting with some good friends & fellow photographers at the Historic Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta.  It was a beautiful, albeit somewhat hot (90 degrees), bright sunny day; great blue skies and puffy white clouds abounded.  There are some great folks buried at this cemetery; Margaret Mitchell (author of Gone with the Wind), Bobby Jones (golfer, designer of Augusta), and Maynard Jackson (first African-American Atlanta mayor) among others.  There are also large sections dedicated to “Our Confederate Dead” and a “slave square”.

I’d never been to Oakland before so I had no idea what to expect (other than the obvious) – nor did I have a sense for how truly huge the place is.  Overall, and not including 90 minutes or so for lunch, we were there for a little over 4 hours .   Funny, doing the math now, it feels like we were there for so much longer.  There’s so much to see and read and ponder and capture.

Here are just a few of my favourites from the day.  I’ll be doing a 2nd post on this site that covers the few spectacular statues that are within the cemetery.

No More Visitors

Doctor’s Desk (inside a crypt)

Copper vs. Marble

Missing Glasses

Tiny Roses

Wooden Concrete