Oakland Cemetery, part 2 (statues)

I’m absolutely flabbergasted by the number of photographs from this day trip that I love.  I mean, I always have my favourites, but this trip, I feel like almost every single one is my favourite.  Anyway, because there are SO many that I truly like, I’m breaking it up into at least 2 posts.  I might even have a third that’s just mausoleums; doors, windows, inside, etc.  We’ll see.

This, my 2nd post from Oakland, is paying homage to the statues within the cemetery walls.  I was actually surprised at how FEW statues there were, but the ones that you CAN find will probably speak to you.

Enough of my yapping.

The first few here just screamed to be in B&W; I hope you agree with my choices.

In memory of the unknown Confederate soldiers.

Crypt door knocker

Huddled in grief

The picture below is poignant; the daughter has passed away (this is her grave) and so she is holding a closed book.  The mother, however, was still alive and erected this statue of her & her daughter.  The mother is holding an open book.

A mother & daughter (the daughter’s grave)


Cherub; sad & sweet

Praying angel

This statue just reeled me in.  It’s such a simple shape but the grief and pain it expresses is palpable.

Huddled in grief; whole statue

I think this statue is on the grounds of what used to be the main house; it’s not a grave marker, from what I could tell.  I just though it was whimsical.

Playing in the rain

This statue, again, just captivated me.  It’s almost as though the husband is brushing his wife’s hair in an effort to calm her down & ease her worry about death and the hereafter.

Husband brushing wife’s hair (with seriously cool clouds in the background)

Same statue, drawn back a bit.  Someone has put a real piece of jewelry in the woman’s lap.

Husband brushing wife’s hair (someone put real jewelry in her lap)