Slow Exposures, 2012

So, as both a juried-in photographer and a volunteer for SlowExposures this year, I think I had a pretty interesting perspective on this fascinating show.  And it really IS a great show.

I helped out with the Portfolio Review which, if you can afford the $300 fee, is really an amazing opportunity.  You get to pick and choose from several very well known photographers, collectors, etc., and have 30 minutes of one-on-one time with 4 of them. How great is that??  I had the chance to speak with a few of the reviewers and review-ees beforehand and it was eye opening.  One of the reviewers is my age and is already the Assistant Curator at the Eastman House!  And she was so sweet & friendly (and knowledgeable!).

Anyway, here are a few of the shots I took this past weekend as I was volunteering, chasing my daughter around, taking said daughter to her first “ball”, and capturing myself in my 2nd only self portrait.

First Ball (when she realized the A/C vents would “blow up” her dress)

Prepping for Portfolio Review

Ready for the Reviewers

Brett Abbott, Curator of Photography for the High Museum of Art, Atlanta (and a very nice, open, and honest man, to boot).

Julian Cox, Curator of Photography, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (with a British accent, too…).

My daughter waiting for me to get over myself; isn’t she spectacular?

My very 2nd self-portrait; don’t laugh