Worldwide Photo Walk

So, this past Saturday was the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk day!

My photography group, the Southside Photography Society, looked for a local walk, but there were none. As such, our Prez. (I’m just the lowly V.P.) decided to be a walk leader and host a walk right here in central GA! Once that was settled, the time was set at 9:45AM and we were to meet at the courthouse, downtown. We’d originally planned a ‘golden hour’ time of 4 – 6PM, but it turns out the annual Fall beer fest was going on that afternoon, too, and we all wanted more than a bunch of photographs of drunk people (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

So, time decided upon, I now made the decision to take my 6 year old daughter. She has just received her first “real” camera, this super schnazzy Disney princess camera, that’s meant to be thrown down stairs and STILL take a “great” photograph. 🙂 I mean, c’mon, she can take a picture of herself WITH any (or all) of the Disney princesses!)!

Okay, so we get up at 9 on Saturday morning (har har, I WISH!), and head downtown to meet our group. Turns out there are about 15 of us! 🙂 SWEET! We get this Super Sweet shot of us on the steps taking a picture of our Prez (that’s his wife in the pic, the one WITHOUT the camera). After that, we proceeded to spend 2 hours walking around the downtown area of the city – you know, the parts you’ve all driven by hundred’s of times but have never actually seen. It was glorious.

Our group!

Peeking out of the pumpkins!

My daughter getting a photograph of our president holding up a stop sign that had fallen.

Up-shot through the back of a billboard

PVC pipes sticking out of the ground

Inside a local dry cleaners.

My one and only attempt at HDR.