The Fair!

So, the fair was in town last week.  Now, as a brief bit of personal history, I’m now living in the town that I grew up in (from 6th grade, anyway), and having left after graduating college (15 years ago) and then moving back as an adult (2 years ago), it’s been fun (and interesting) to get re-acquainted with the people, rituals, and memories from my past.

Okay, back to the fair.  Always held the 2nd or 3rd week of October.  Always the week we’d have to drag out our long sleeves.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the carnies bring the cold WITH them.  And corndogs.  Oh, the stomach churning, grease laden, delicious corndogs.

I was sooooooooooooooo excited to go this year and get real PHOTOGRAPHS…  I was incredibly excited about the long exposure, spinning Ferris wheel, blurry lights like cars at night, total carnival feel…

Yeah, then I remembered that I have kids who need to be in bed by 8 (when it’s not dark here, yet, for my poor New England friends).

So, I made the most of what time I had and I think I did okay.   By now, anyone who’s followed my blog for more than a millisecond knows there’s very little I enjoy more (or find more challenging) than taking pictures of children, particularly MY children.  And capturing their emotions at a freaking fair… holy moly.  I had, quite literally, 1/one millionth of a second, sometimes, to capture their giggle.

But, you know what, I think I did alright.  And I know they loved it so it’s all good, regardless.

And, by the way, the GA state fair is coming to the Atlanta Raceway in a week and I’m going without kids.  OR with kids AND grandparents AND at night.  🙂

So there.

Anyway, please let me know what you think; even if it’s an “OMG, WTF were you thinking!?”.  🙂

I absolutely love this shot of my daughter; the wild abandon she has in enjoying the swing is so apparent.  To me, it’s like she’s singing an opera in appreciation.

Okay, the jumpy-things.  Long version:  about 6 weeks ago, we went to a town celebration and they had one of these getups.  Held 2 kids, for 5 minutes each, to a line the tune of 20 kids long.  Needless to say, my daughter, after waiting over 30 minutes (LONG for a 6 year old) didn’t get to “ride”.   When she saw this at the fair, she nearly fell over with anticipation.  I agreed, despite the $5 ‘fee’, to let her ride.  Well, of course, her adventurous, and spoiled rotten, brother wanted to do it, too.  I was worried that Maddie (somewhat afraid of heights like her father) would freak out, but boy, both these kids did me proud, jumping upwards of 20′ into the air!

Okay, so, by now the sun is starting to set and I’m adjusting my aperture, ISO, and white balance every 10 minutes.   But, look at these two shots below.  Just these two.  Tell me this wasn’t worth it.

Oh my, finally, in the wee hours of our fair visit, they found this GREAT ride that, quite literally, WHIPS them around at the ends; all it does is go in a large oval.  But, boy, I haven’t seen both my kids crack up like this in at least a week (we’re a happy bunch).  🙂  After about a gazillion shots I gave up trying to focus on my son’s ever-moving head and just took the damn shot, for better or worse!  I did better with my daughter because she wasn’t jumping around in her car like a jumping bean!

There you have it!  I know some (if not most) towns don’t have such an annual, indelible mark on their ‘skin’, but I sure am glad to be part of the City of Griffin every October when this cheesy, corny, memory-making, great people-watching event rolls around!