Okay, so my little girl was in her very first performance this weekend; Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”, put on by the local Theater Company.  What a thrill to watch your child on stage; I think I was more nervous than she was!  I did my best to remain calm & keep her calm and she did a great job.  Here are a few that I took “behind the scenes”, in the green room – they were all so great!

Rare shot of the “mama” in her natural habitat (arms around her child)…

All ready to be a little “soldier”!

All the soldiers, lining up to go on stage!

My “angel” ready to go on!

I volunteered in the green room for several of the performances so I know what chaos is going on behind the scenes.  Having the opportunity to just sit in the audience on Saturday afternoon, I was amazed at how smoothly everything appears to run!

So, here are my humble shots from the show… for the record, it is INCREDIBLY difficult to take a nice, clear photo in this super low light, with no off-camera lighting, of ballerinas moving very fast, no tripod and two very tall people in front of you!!  🙂

The soldiers lined up & ready to fight the Mouse king!

Okay, at this point, my ISO is up to 1000 and I’m shooting at a wide-open f/1.8 to get a decent exposure while still somewhat freezing the motion.  In the photo below, I was trying to capture the ballerina in the front lower left (your left) because I’m old high school friends with her mother.

The “Arabians” – I love this shot!

My angel and the Sugar Plum Fairy

One of my favourites; this “candy cane” was amazing.

And, finally, after all was said and done, there’s the post-Nutcracker hair & lipstick.

I haven’t bought & used gel & hairspray in over 15 years, y’all, so please… be kind.