Hello & welcome to my little photo blog! My name is Catherine and I’m an over-worked, under-paid, not nearly appreciated enough (i.e., average) single mother of two, who has too many hobbies and not anywhere near enough time.  I work full time for “the man”, I work full time for myself, and I work full time for my children.  And I love *almost* every minute of it. 

If you want to see more examples of my work or contact me for a session, please visit my web page at HoneysucklePhoto.com.

As for travel & photography, I would do both constantly if I could.  It dawned on me several years ago that my favourite place to be is anywhere other than were I am now.  “Gypsy feet“, my Dad calls it.  Wanderlust, I call it.  

I love boudoir, maternity and newborn shoots, however, I also love taking natural “still life” photographs and recently won second place in the People category at the National Fair.  I also recieved two honorable mentions in a photography exhibit held at A Novel Experience in Zebulon, GA, last month. 

I hope you enjoy my photographs; please feel free to comment and make suggestions if you’d like.  I love hearing from you!