Photography Accessories / Props

Here are a few of my favourite placed to try & buy all things photography related.

Renting Camera Accessories (lenses, bodies, flashes,etc.)

These are great “try-before-you-buy” sites that I use to try out a new lens, etc., before I commit to purchasing one.  The rates are very reasonable and if you live near one you can usually go pick up your equipment rather than pay for shipping!  How sweet is that?

Aperturent (GA)

Adorama (NY)

BorrowLenses (CA)








Purchasing Camera Accessories New

When you DO decide to go ahead with your purchase, here are some good sites to check out.  I’ve found the the actual “camera shops” (i.e., Wolf, Ritz, etc.) tend to be much more expensive for most things that I’ve looked at, anyway. 




eBay – this is a buyer-beware site, for sure, especially in regards to camera equipment.  Make sure you read the description VERY carefully and buy from a seller with good reviews and a good rating.