Worldwide Photo Walk

So, this past Saturday was the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk day! My photography group, the Southside Photography Society, looked for a local walk, but there were none. As such, our Prez. (I’m… Continue reading

Slow Exposures, 2012

So, as both a juried-in photographer and a volunteer for SlowExposures this year, I think I had a pretty interesting perspective on this fascinating show.  And it really IS a great show. I… Continue reading

First Trip to an Air Museum… Kind Of

I’ve been to this museum once before but neglected to have my camera with me…    My uncle is visiting this week and he’s a big airplane buff so I drove him out to… Continue reading

Oakland Cemetery, part 2 (statues)

I’m absolutely flabbergasted by the number of photographs from this day trip that I love.  I mean, I always have my favourites, but this trip, I feel like almost every single one is… Continue reading

A day with the dead… Shooting at Historic Oakland Cemetery (part one)

I was lucky to spend the day yesterday shooting with some good friends & fellow photographers at the Historic Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta.  It was a beautiful, albeit somewhat hot (90 degrees),… Continue reading

I’m in! I’m in! My first juried show…

So, every September (for the last 10 years) the tiny town of Concord, GA, has held a rather prestigious juried photography exhibit in one of the beautiful old building on it’s main (and… Continue reading

In the oddest places…

So, I was attending a wedding/lighting photography workshop a few weekends ago and noticed these great abandoned buildings across the street from where we were.  The walls had such great colour and texture… Continue reading

Industrial Kitchen Chic

As much as I love taking pictures of adults, children, seniors, families, etc., and I do!, I also love still life photography, as well.  Want to know why?  The forks stay where you… Continue reading

Do I want to open an online shop? Sure… why not…

So, after some gentle persuasion, I opened an Etsy shop yesterday for my photography.  There are SO MANY sellers and just so much stuff on Etsy, I highly doubt anyone will ever find… Continue reading

Back to School!

So, here in some parts of central GA, we started school last week…  my ‘big girl’ entered the whopping first grade (!) and my son started his FIRST year of pre-k.  Since he… Continue reading