New Glass!

I bit a small bullet this week and got myself a “nifty fifty”!  The Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF-S.  I’ve only been able to get off a few shots so far (literally, like 5),… Continue reading

A Day at the Beach

We took a mini-vacation and went to visit my aunt & uncle in North Carolina this past weekend.  We had a GREAT time and the kids truly and madly fell in love with… Continue reading

Just the flora, please…

I adore taking pictures of flowers and nature in general, but a lot of the time I feel like so does EVERYONE else.  And, honestly, how many pictures of a rose up close… Continue reading

Birthdays & Holidays…

My little girl turned 6 last week, a few days before the 4th of July and she condescended to let me snap a few shots of her at her party!  The last shot… Continue reading

Blueberry Hill… Not really, just lots of fruit!

The blueberries exploded this weekend.  In under 2 hours (~45 minutes on 2 separate days), I picked 60 cups of blueberries.  That’s equivalent to 12 quarts, 3.25 gallons, 1/2 a bushel or 1.6… Continue reading

A blog award? Yes, please!

So, I logged on this morning to see that I’d been nominated for a “Very Inspiring Blogger” award from fellow blogger, Samantha!  What a wonderful surprise!  Thank you so much for noticing my… Continue reading

Southern Living

So, my brother & sister-in-law have sold their house and are moving 2 hours away to the Northern suburbs of Atlanta in a few weeks.  That makes me sad.  However, they agreed to… Continue reading

Elementary Grunge

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot at an abandoned elementary school in Zebulon (yes, it’s as small & quaint as it sounds), Georgia, with Gail Des Jardin, a friend and… Continue reading

Thank you.

Egads! A QR code of my very own!

So, we’ve all seen these things around; they’re becoming increasingly prevalent in our society (here in the U.S., anyway, I can’t attest to anywhere else!).  I never really looked into it because I… Continue reading