Studio Lighting… in my basement.

Okay, so this is more of a “mother’s” post than a “photographer’s” post, but I think it’s still valid.  The elementary school that my daughter goes to is trying out a new school… Continue reading

Happy *ouch!* Mother’s Day!

In honour of Mothers all around the world (and the fresh lego imprint on the bottom of my foot), I present my latest photograph, The Perils of Parenting.  I hope you all had… Continue reading

Bumblebees & Bark

So, last week, I was sitting in the front yard with my children when I looked down and saw this dead bumblebee clinging to a blade of grass.  What a great opportunity to… Continue reading

For those who love color…

So, this isn’t really a photography post, but I think most photographers/designers will appreciate it, anyway.  I know I sure love this thing & I’ve been at it like a crack addict for the last… Continue reading


So, my father had to order a new micro lens (or “macro” for all non-Nikon folks!) for work so he can photograph his plants up close & personal (he’s a horticultural geneticist).  Anyway,… Continue reading

With a Name Like Meadowlark…

it just has to be beautiful, doesn’t it?I did a not-quite-a-senior-yet shoot last weekend at Meadowlark Gardens in Griffin, GA and thought I’d share some of the flora photographs from the day.  Here’s… Continue reading

Windows as Art

So, after taking thousands & thousands (& thousands, yes, I admit it) of photographs and looking back through my computer-slaying stash of files, I noticed that I seem to be drawn to certain… Continue reading

Classic Newborn Shoot

So I did a baby shoot last week that I really wanted to be “monotone”; either black & white, sepia, etc., just something timeless and classic.  I finally settled on what I call… Continue reading

Spider (or not) Webbery

I saw these wonderful pear-shaped webs strung up between blades of very tall (~2 feet) blades of grass and covered with wonderful dew drops.  The only living thing I could find within them… Continue reading

Adventures in Springtime Parenting

Cute, isn’t she? Not so much, when it’s 9PM and she’s flying around the room of your 3 year old son (who’s thoroughly fascinated, much to your chagrin). This isn’t so much a… Continue reading